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Euro Data Store offers a reliable, fast and personalised supply of statistical data.

  In this spirit,we engage with:

  • To hold at the disposal of the customers stocks of current products or to use any procedure to ensure a fast sending; 
  • To accommodate the requests arriving by electronic messaging five days per week at the normal hours of office; 
  • To contact each customer in the 24 hours following the reception of its request to propose a quote as well as an estimated time of delivery in the 24 hours;
  • To provide each customer with a personalized reception and advise on products and supports that best fit with his request;
  • To treat each request with relevance, exhaustiveness and clearness in order to provide useful data;
  • To provide the method used for calculation and harmonization of the data on request; 
  • To apply a simple and transparent pricing; 
  • To treat each complaint with speed;
  • To respect the confidentiality of the contents of the customers of the customers.