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NewCronos is the macroeconomic and social database aimed to people needed high quality statistics for important decisions.

It contains more than 300 million statistical data covering all European member states. These are daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly data according to the statistical field. They are available from 1960 to nowadays for each country or variable selected.

NewCronos is divided in 9 themes including various domains, each on a specific sector. Those collections are themselves structured in multidimensional tables. These dimensions indicate the country, the unit, the variables, the period, etc.


General and regional statistics : Main indicators on EU’s member states, candidate countries, third countries, and their regions.

Economy and finance : Data about national accounts, prices and standard purchase parity, currency and the financial sector.

Population and social conditions : Statistics on population, health, employment, consumption et standards of living.

Industry, trade and services : Indicators on business activity, production, construction, retail and wholesale trade, banks and services in Europe.

Agriculture and fisheries : Accounts, index, prices and statistics on farming, forestry and fisheries.

External trade : Statistics on extra & intra EU trade.

Transport : Data on air, rail, road and inland waterway transport in the European Union.

Environment and energy : Statistics and indicators on the impact of population on the environment (production of waste, emissions and pollutants,climate,biodiversity, etc.) and on the impact on the economy           (environmental spending).

Science and technology : Information on research and development, innovation and employment in the advanced-technology sectors, available for the Member States of the European Union and non-member            countries.


As to obtain the detail of all data available, please ask us.